And that is most likely true, because a lot of us waste our time simply duplicating routines that we find in either online or in some bodybuilding magazine.

I think that the best chest workout that you can be doing what has to be one which was individually set up just for you. And that means, given the fact that you’re reading this blog, which also most likely means that you’ve got enough bodybuilding knowledge to do it, that the routine should be one that you design yourself.

Stop and think about it for a second: you pick up a magazine or your log onto a website and you see whatever the latest and greatest is from whoever your favorite coach is or whoever your favorite writer is. The person who wrote that workout doesn’t know you and maybe they don’t even know what they’re talking about.

You are uniquely qualified to set up your routine. You know what sort of  injuries you’ve got. You know where you’ve made the most progress. Did you know which chest exercises you like to do the most.

Let me take you through this process, and I’m confident you’ll be up to set up a routine without anyone else’s help.

boyer coe biceps

Okay, what I’m trying to do right now is to drop a little bit of body fat while simultaneously putting some mass onto my chest. Not that hard to do, except that I happen to have a torn supra-spinatus tendon. It’s not bad, only a partial thickness tear, but I still have to be careful with which movements I can do.

Right away, until the inflammation comes down a little there are going to be any fl flies. They just hurt too much. Ditto for wide grip bench presses. That leaves me with close grip benches and dumbbell work from which to construct my chest workout routine.

Hanging here with me because this is going to sound just a little bit weird, but this is the kind of routine that has worked best for me in the past and I have full confidence that it’s going to now as well.

  • The first thing that I’m going to do as a full body warm-up is too quick sets of trapbar deadlifts. I love these things. They hit your posterior chain and your quadriceps simultaneously and work just about every other muscle group in your body as well. Obviously, your core is stressed to give you a bit of an abdominal workout, and your forearms and grip are also brought into play as you try to hang on to that damn trap bar.
  • Now, onto the fun stuff. I’ll start out with two sets of benches using a medium grip and a lightweight, somewhere around my 20 rep maximum. I use a fast pace and only 30 seconds rest between sets.
  • Next up is incline dumbbell presses. I like to go as heavy as I can on these, and if I’m in the gym I’m not afraid to ask for a spot to help me get the dumbbells into position. Normally I’ll do three sets of six for this exercise.
  • Okay now I’m getting a weird on you again. At this point, I’m going to do super sets, alternating two exercises. The first of these is going to be a flat dumbbell press, using approximately my 12 rep max. I’ll only take these out to about eight reps so, and immediately after finishing each set of flat dumbbell presses, I’ll take one of my dumbbells and do pullovers.
  • No, I’m not crazy. And I’m not sure that I actually buy into the whole “expanding your rib cage” thing about dumbbell pullovers. What I can tell you is that when I incorporate these into a chest workout, I feel much looser and I seemed to get a better pump. In addition, there’s nothing wrong with stretching the antagonistic muscles (in this case, your laps) during your chest workout. Pullovers will get three sets of eight as well.
  • Now onto my finisher, if you read any of the other posts on this site, you’ll know what that is. Close Grip Bench Presses. I just love these damn things. I use an Olympic easy curl bar to prevent any stressing on my shoulder, pump out three sets of eight, with as much weight as I can handle in good form. Then I drop the weight by half and perform a final set to failure. Now that is my own personal best chest workout routine.

Will it be yours? I doubt it. You have a completely different set of goals, injuries and other factors coming into play. But if you’ve been going to the gym for a year or more, you should be at the point where you can design your own workout routine without any help from some drone in a bodybuilding magazine.

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